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Wondering why Pairio is going to revolutionise the way you manage your property/ properties? Find out why below.

When should you bring Pairio in to your property?

Pairio is flexible and can be used at any point in your project. Whether you're considering retrofitting or refurbishing your property, we can come and accurately capture the details. We can also assist with simple tasks such as decorating or more complex projects like extensions by providing you with as-built drawings for planning.

Why should I choose Pairio?

We are changing the way projects have been priced in the residential sector for tens of thousands of years. Pairio makes it easier for you to get your works priced, reduces the carbon impact of your projects and reduces the costs and risks for you as a property owner. A Why would you do it the old way?

How do you capture our property?

We utilise cutting-edge laser scanning technology for reality capture, guaranteeing exceptional accuracy to within near-millimeter precision. Our meticulous scans serve as the foundation for our non-intrusive survey, enabling us to gather comprehensive information about the building's structure, electrical systems, and plumbing. By adopting the perspective of a builder, architect, or consultant, we capture essential details that offer valuable insights for analysis and decision-making.

How do you protect my properties location?

Before scanning, we ask owners to remove personal effects and pack away laptops. Photos that can be stored should be kept in a cupboard; otherwise, they will be blurred. When your project goes out to bid, it will appear as a property in a postcode (e.g., 'Decorating works in SW22'). Property location details are released only after selecting trades based on their submissions.

What happens when I sell my house?

Similar to how cars boast a 'full-service history,' Pairio allows you to create a comprehensive record of your property's history, providing immense value to future owners. Imagine being able to trace back the supplier of broken window shutters even after 7 years. When you decide to move, simply inform us, and we will handle the seamless transfer of the property to the new owners. Make sure you book us to capture your new property!

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