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for Landlords, Property Managers and housing associations

Welcome to Pairio, your comprehensive solution for transforming your property into a sustainable, energy-efficient home. We understand homeowners' challenges when it comes to retrofitting and renovating their homes, which is why we've developed a platform that revolutionises the process. With advanced technology, collaborative tools, and cutting-edge 3D scanning and reality capture, Pairio makes retrofitting and refurbishment a breeze while significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

The Mission

If you're a landlord we want to give you the power to manage your property and property managers remotely.

Through the innovative use of technology and our deep industry expertise, we connect you with skilled tradespeople, architects, and consultants who deliver top-notch results. Whether you're looking to decorate a small bathroom or undertake a comprehensive extension or make your home super efficient project, we ensure that your projects are in capable hands.

How it works:

1. The pairio Capture

Pairio completes non-intrusive survey and 3D reality capture utilising LiDAR (Lasers), storing information within the model. We provide digital twins (a virtual version of your property) of your entire portfolio. We do this by visualising your properties through eyes of a builder, architect or consultant.

2. Access Your portfolio on the Platform

If you need to complete a job in one of your properties, you can create a new project, AI will help you with generating specifications for your project  ready to send out for prices. If you have signed up for our retrofit package then energy improvement scenarios are available for you to review.

3. Projects are uploaded to our Project hub

Trades/ Service providers buy access to the project and remotely bid for the projects you've uploaded, reducing their overheads and bringing the costs down for you. They can see project before they buy and work out if they want to do the work. Bye bye over inflated costs because they dont want to do the work. 

4. Receive the quotes, compare and commission

All of the quotes will be available for you to review 7 days after submitting your project to the hub. You can then compare the quotes, chat with the tradespeople and get them on board. Easy!



We have a range of packages available to you. Each package has its own merits, you can work out which package works best for you. 

Pairio | Basic

What's included:

- Platform Access

- Pairio Reality Capture with near-millimetre perfect measurements

- Pairio Fabric Survey 

- A digital version of your property

Who's it for:

Homeowners wanting to carry out simple refurbishment works that do not require designers at this stage - think decorating, plastering, new roof or bathroom.


(You can upgrade to Pairio | Pro at any point)

Pairio | Retrofit

What's included:

- Everything in the basic package

- Thermal Assessment of Property

- EPC rating 

- Bespoke retrofit recommendations

Who's it for:

Homeowners wanting to carry out energy improvements to their home - think PV panels, insulation, ventilation, heat pumps.

(You can upgrade to Pairio | Pro at any point)

Pairio | Pro

What's included:

- Everything in the basic package

- Architect's Revit Model

- Architect's Floor Plans

- Architect's Elevations & Sections

 - Topographical Drawings  

Who's it for:

Homeowners wanting to carry out extensive rework to their homes that requires designers and consultants - Think loft extensions, rear or side extensions or garden rooms.

(Pairio | Retrofit available as an add on)

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