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At Pairio, we're dedicated to not only empowering homeowners but also supporting Tradespeople in their mission to create energy-efficient and sustainable properties. By working with Pairio, Tradespeople can benefit from our comprehensive platform and integrated technologies, including 3D scanning and reality capture, to streamline their retrofit and refurbishment projects and achieve outstanding results.

Construction workers on work site

Here's how Pairio can save you time and money:

  • No more site/property visits to provide a quote

  • Reduce wear and tear on your vehicle 

  • Reduced fuel costs 

  • No subscription costs

  • Quote when you like (within the quotation period)

  • Focus on the work you want, without wasting time on unwanted quotes

  • Quickly submit a quote without needing external software

  • Efficiently subcontract work to your subcontractors through the platform

  • Take measurements directly within the model, avoiding forgotten measurements

  • Seamlessly communicate with clients using the platform

  • Receive architects' latest drawings directly on the Pairio platform

How it works:

1. Sign up

Join Pairio - we will carry out checks to confirm you are who you say you are

2. Set your preferences

Select what kind of projects you are interested in.

3. Find a project

Utilise the Pairio Project Hub to discover local projects available for bidding.

4. Submit a Bid

Pay a small fee to submit a bid within 7 days to the client, you will be 1 of 3 bidders. All bids are submitted at the same time. 

The Goal

Our aim is to simplify your life and provide you with more quality time to spend with your family or pursue your interests. Consider the amount of time you currently spend traveling to quote jobs, along with the associated costs of fuel and vehicle maintenance, which can quickly accumulate.

Now, envision a future powered by Pairio, where you can virtually step into a potential customer's living room without leaving your own. Pairio takes care of asking the essential questions on your behalf, saving you time and effort.


And don't worry, there's also a feature that allows you to ask additional questions if needed! We utilise advanced technology to monitor and analyse these questions, meaning we will ask them before you do!


With Pairio, we're shaping a future that saves time and money for tradespeople like you.

Here is a sneak peek of our Project Hub, where you will be able to find local projects for local legends like you:

Project Hub.png

What we are not

We are not another - pay us money and we will give you exposure website. We are not a lead generation website. We are not going to take monthly subscriptions payments, we know you may have a job that is 3 months long.


We are however fair - maybe we should be called Fairio? 

Trades FAQs

Wondering how we can streamline your business? Find out why below.

How do I sign up?

Once we are live we will send out invitations to trades in the areas where are scanning. We will first be focusing our attention in London and the home counties but will fast be expanding out across the UK. 

What checks will you do?

We want to know you're an actual person, we will ask for your ID, business web addresses or social media pages. We may also ask for references from previous customers. We only want the best trades on our platform - this isn't a platform for cowboys, dodgy dealers or bodgers. 

How do I know your scans are correct?

All of our equipment is calibrated on a yearly basis, and our scanning operatives are trained to operate the equipment with the highest accuracy. And if all of that fails, then we get a report at the end of the computer processing, confirming the accuracy of the scan. 

Is it easy to use?

Pairio is designed to be incredibly user-friendly. If you can navigate social media or order food online, you'll have no trouble using Pairio. We're also developing advanced tool sets for those who need them and integrating with existing software you may already be familiar with. Our aim is to make your experience with Pairio seamless and accessible to all.

Can I sub out works?

Yes - well, you will be able to! Your subcontractor must also pass our checks but once they have an account you will be able to send them a link to the project you need their help on for a small fee. 

How long do I have to submit a quote?

We understand that your life is busy, and our goal is to simplify it. With Pairio, most projects offer a 7-day submission window, giving you the flexibility to choose when you want to sit down and complete your quote. For larger projects, homeowners have the option to extend the submission window. Rest assured, once you've paid the bid fee, you'll be one of only three trades submitting a quote, minimising competition and maximising your chances of success.

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