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About Pairio

Our Mission

We help to connect people with people, people with projects and let the digital version of the property do the talking.

What are we doing?

Despite all the technology available today, the process of getting tradespeople to provide a quote still often involves travel. But we're here to change that. Our goal is to build the future of property ownership, where you own both the physical asset and its digital counterpart.

To reach the UK government's net zero targets by 2050 nearly 27 million properties will need to improve their efficiency. We want to help make that process simpler for everyone, simpler for the property owner to understand, simpler for the tradesperson to quote and simpler for key stakeholders to communicate.

Modern Architecture

How it all started

Construction has been left behind, it's the industry that takes its time. The one with the bad wrap. The place where research and development is scraped at the hint of 'economic uncertainty'.


Working in the industry we knew things needed to change. Taking lessons from working on some of the UK's biggest and most prestigious projects we have brought our learnings from the best and set out to improve the way things are done within homes up and down the country. 

The current system doesn't work and with 3.8m rental properties to retrofit by 2028. Something needs to step up to the mark. Enter Pairio!

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